Chef Prize derives its name from, yes, one of the prizes that will be awarded to the restaurants participating in Chef Prize 2016. The CHEF PRIZE will be the most prestigious of the six awards that will be presented at approximately 3:30pm on Sunday, September 11th.

o The CHEF PRIZE – this prize will be judged by our local panel of experts that will include Frederick Boyer, Martial Noguier, and local celebrities connected with the culinary arts in West Michigan. The judges will sample and judge the food prior to the event’s noon start time, but the results will be kept secret until 3:30pm. The winner will come from the Upscale Dining category and the dishes will be judged on Taste, Presentation, and Originality.

o The PEOPLE&...

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While this catchphrase may seem a little ‘out-there’, the GO GRAZE / GO WINE moniker is the perfect summary for Chef Prize 2016 that will be held at Hampton Green Farm on Sunday, September 11th, 2016 from noon to 4:00pm.

The event will be co-hosted by the West Michigan Spartans, the local Michigan State University alumni club, and by Hampton Green Farm. GO GRAZE / GO WINE pokes a little fun at MSU’s GO GREEN/GO WHITE chant, while also taking into account Hampton Green Farm’s rich legacy of Olympic caliber Spanish horses that like to GRAZE. Wrap this all up in an event that features both upscale and casual offerings from local restaurants and chefs, as well as desserts and bakery items and adult beverages, you can ...

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Hampton Green Farm is the venue for Chef Prize. Located at 5440 Farr Road, Fruitport Mi.

The farm hosts a number of local charity events and helps to raise more money for the events by assisting with the cost of the tents, tables and food.

The venue provides ample parking for guests.

Vintage cars will be on exhibit for Chef Prize and the beautiful barns create an ideal atmosphere for the tastes of Chef Prize!

Bring your family and friends enjoy the food and support culinary students from West Michigan.

Chef Prize

5440 East Farr Road,

Fruitport, MI 49415

Phone. 231-865-6000